About Us

The Your Furnaces company is a distributor of professional equipment for the tempering and painting of glass. Our specialists also provide a wide range of services for the installation, repair and modernization of a glass tempering furnace.
Glass tempering
Glass hardening is a technological process necessary to increase its mechanical strength. It takes place in 3 stages:
• Preparatory. Fitting and cutting blanks to fit the hardening furnace.
• Primary. Heat treatment at temperatures above 600 ° C.
• Final. At this stage, it is cooled, after which the glass is placed in a special chamber.
Hardened glass is widely used in various industries, including:
• construction - for the manufacture of flat glass for windows, loggias, shop windows, as well as glass partitions for the office;
• Automotive - tempered glass is inserted into the rear and side window of the car.
The relevance of tempering glass is due to its following advantages, including:
• high strength;
• resistance to temperature extremes;
• safe destruction without sharp fragments.
We offer our clients automated systems for the production of safety tempered glass. In our assortment the following types of professional equipment are presented:
furnaces for tempering glass Cooltemper with 2 heating sections, providing full convection;
Landglass flat hardening furnaces using convector heating, providing high-quality hardening with an emission factor of 0.02, widely used in the architectural, transport and furniture industries;
Tamglass furnaces used for tempering flat glass in various fields;
• Curved glass tempering furnaces Glassrobots Rainbowmaker.
Glass coloring
The number of automated glass painting systems presented on our website includes:
1. Screen printing machine on glass. Screen printing is one of the fastest and high-quality ways of drawing pictures on glass. The resulting image looks very clear and colorful, so this method is used for the manufacture of souvenirs and promotional products.
2. Machine for roller printing. Flat equipment is painted in a single layer on roller equipment. The roller painting of the glass ensures an even distribution of the paint layer, thanks to which the product will look uniform and flawless.
3. Drying line. We present a modern drying unit with uniform heating, fast drying due to IR technology and relatively low energy consumption.
Our advantages
Customers of Your Furnaces equipment receive a number of advantages by cooperating with us:
• a wide range of professional equipment for hardening and painting glass;
• relatively low cost in the market;
• high-quality service;
• professional maintenance of glass tempering furnaces.